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Roasting Equipment

Stainless steel and fully automated roasters create products with rich flavor and aroma.

We're proud to represent Yingtai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. in North America.

200 kg Roasters

We helped design this system from the ground up to be the ultimate malt and grain roaster. Each system comes standard with a grain scale, in-feed conveyor, water and steam drenching, direct and indirect heat options, dust cyclones for both roasting and cooling trays, out-feed conveyor, computer profiling software and more.

This roasting system can produce Biscuit, Crystal, Caramel, and Chocolate - to name just a few - across the spectrum of SRM, from 10 - 600+

A wide array of premium priced specialty malts strengthens your brand! 

Diversify your Craft Malt House or Brewery by roasting your own grains in-house!

All equipment tested and trusted by New York Craft Malt - USA

A Leader in Craft Malting, Roasting and Specialty Malts.

State of the Art Malt Roasters for Craft Brewing and Distilling

Computer Recipe Profiling Makes it Easy!

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